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He Blonded Me with Science

Legendary celebrity stylist Garren of couture capsule haircare collection R+Co BLEU brings Blonded to the UK, now exclusively online at Panache London.

Transform dull or brassy blonde, highlighted or silver hair into glossier, shinier, healthier hair with Blonded Brightening Shampoo and Blonded Brightening Masque: technologically advanced formulas that deliver luxurious and sustainable beauty.

R Co Bleu - Blonded Brightening Masque
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Shampoo - Purple Pigments



  • BLEU Molecule Complex with micro-encapsulated sugar molecules
  • Violet pigments neutralise yellow tones
  • Vegan keratin (hydrolysed protein)
  • Lilac stem cells repair and boost shine


  • Abyssinica oil for glossiness
  • Avocado nutrients hydrate and heal
  • Shea butter repairs hair with fatty acids
  • Sunflower seed oil for a healthy shine
  • Vitamin B and E boost hydration

In addition to violet pigments that counteract brassiness, Blonded’s ultra-hydrating formula builds strength and shine, the main qualities for healthy and lustrous hair.

R Co Bleu - Blonded Brightening Shampoo 251ml

Find your sunniest,

glossiest blonde yet


Time for Your Blonde Moment

Blonded Brightening Shampoo is carefully designed to nourish, smooth and strengthen blonde, silver or colour-treated hair, while counteracting yellow or brassy undertones.

The Blonded range is a premium blend of scientifically formulated ingredients and the best natural oils and vitamins, with purple pigments derived from violet flowers, for gentle toning.

Lilac Flower Stem Cells repair damaged hair and restore shine. Keramatch Vegan Keratin is a hydrolysed protein that repairs chemically treated hair by matching and strengthening the natural keratin in the hair cortex, to heal from within. And the proprietary BLEU Molecule Complex – a breakthrough innovation – builds strength and shine, thanks to micro-encapsulated sugar molecules that deliver intense repairing benefits for all hair types and textures.

Natural ingredients enhance the formula and deliver powerful results. Vitamin B and Vitamin E nourish and protect hair, hydrating and smoothing the hair surface to boost glossiness. Shea butter and avocado oil add additional hydration and help repair hair, thanks to rich fatty acids, while sunflower and Abyssinica oil add a glossy natural shine.

The intense Blonded Brightening Hair Masque is a 10-15 minute super-treatment to restore lustre and vibrancy, while neutralising brassy yellow tones. This is the ideal at-home care between appointments with your colourist, alongside Blonded Brightening Shampoo. It’s the perfect touch-up in between treatments, when your colour needs a refresh before an important meeting, event or social gathering.


BLEU: Couture Home Haircare

BLEU is the capsule collection from R&Co, a top brand in Hollywood and New York thanks to legendary hairstylist Garren, who has created pop culture’s most iconic looks for the last four decades, including Linda Evangelista, Naomi Campbell, Karlie Kloss, Kendall Jenner and Gigi and Bella Hadid.

Garren works with fashion and beauty brands from Prada and Gucci to Akris, Miu Miu, Dolce & Gabbana, Stella McCartney, Tom Ford, Clé de Peau and Nars. Garren was also the inspiration behind the mermaid-inspired looks for Anna Sui’s NYFW SS24 catwalk show. He created BLEU to deliver breakthrough innovations in science, technology and sustainability. The BLEU range brings glamour, sophistication and unparalleled quality to daily haircare.

Why Purple Shampoo for Blondes?

How does purple shampoo work – and why do blondes (and their colourists) swear by it? Blonded Brightening Shampoo uses pigments from violet flowers to neutralise unwanted brassy yellow or orange undertones in blonde or silver hair.

In colour theory, purple is opposite yellow on the colour wheel, so these complementary colours will balance or cancel each other. Purple pigments in Blonded Brightening shampoo will neutralise brassy yellow or orange tones.

Why does blonde hair turn yellow in the first place?

Colour-treated hair looks brassy because bleach or hydrogen peroxide remove melanin from your hair. Over time, the residual yellow and orange tones become more predominant. The environment can also affect hair colour and increase brassiness – UV rays, chlorine from swimming pools or mineral deposits from hard water in showers.  Grey or silver hair can look brassy too, but Blonded can subtly correct the colour, giving a more sophisticated, cool-toned finish.

In addition to gentle toning, Blonded Brightening Shampoo and Masque enrich and revitalise chemically treated hair, with antioxidants that counteract oxidation and protect hair from damaging free radicals, to reduce future yellowing. Purple shampoo and treatments like Blonded Brightening Shampoo and Blonded Brightening Masque can be an excellent at-home solution to help your colour last longer.


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